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Experience the future of cloud connectivity with Devotel.

Join us on the journey to a more efficient, secure, and flexible cloud experience. Your gateway to the cloud has never been so smooth and dependable.

    Devotel Privileged Cloud Service

    Elevate Your Cloud Experience Our Privileged Cloud Service goes beyond the ordinary to deliver exceptional value:

    Experience the future of cloud connectivity with Devotel. Join us on the journey to a more efficient, secure, and flexible cloud experience. Your gateway to the cloud has never been so smooth and dependable.

    Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional cloud connections. Devotel designs, deploys, and manages every aspect of your physical network, ensuring that your data is protected and your experience is seamless.

    We understand that your bandwidth needs can vary greatly. That’s why Devotel’s Simplex offers the flexibility to adjust your bandwidth between 10Mbps and a blazing-fast 10Gbps, adapting to your ever-changing requirements.

    Our Layer 2 direct connectivity solutions offer the utmost in efficiency and speed. Experience a direct connection to your cloud resources, bypassing unnecessary intermediaries.

    Connectivity shouldn’t be limited. With 6 CPSs providing a direct connection to over 45 cloud on-ramps, you’ll have access to a world of cloud resources at your fingertips.

    Scale your bandwidth to 10Gbps, ensuring that your connection remains responsive as your demands grow.

    Enhance Your Microsoft SaaS Experience with MSPATH

    Unlock Seamless Connectivity and Unprecedented Security

    Are you a user of Microsoft Software as a Service (SaaS) products like Office 365, Dynamics, or Teams? If so, you may have encountered frustrating lags, distortions during Teams meetings, or worrisome security threats like phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks on your employees while they use Office 365 or Dynamics.

    Introducing MSPATH, your gateway to an enhanced SaaS experience, brought to you by Devotel.

    You might not have heard of this innovative solution, but it’s a game-changer: Microsoft Azure Peering Services (MAPS). In essence, MAPS is a premium connectivity service that allows MS SaaS users to connect directly to the Microsoft Global Network. Say goodbye to the hassles of bouncing through countless internet hops.

    MSPATH goes beyond what MAPS offers. Here’s why you should consider this revolutionary service:

    • No Need for a Public ASN and Public IP: MSPATH eliminates the complexity of acquiring your own public ASN and public IP. We make it easy for you.
    • Connect from Anywhere: With our software-defined technology, you can connect to the Microsoft Network from your current location, without being tied to a specific datacenter.
    • Simplified Networking: You don’t need to be an advanced networking expert. We handle the design and configuration of your connection from end to end, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
    • Single Point of Contact: Dealing with multiple parties can be frustrating. With MSPATH, we’re your single point of contact for any issues or questions you may have.

    Experience the future of SaaS connectivity with MSPATH. Join the ranks of businesses that have unlocked a new level of efficiency, security, and performance. Embrace the power of seamless, direct connectivity to the Microsoft Global Network.

    Ready to upgrade your SaaS experience? Contact us today to get started.

    Unlock the Power of Multi-Cloud Flexibility with Devotel CloudNet Service
    Did You Know? You Can Seamlessly Harness the Power of Multiple Cloud Providers

    In today’s dynamic digital landscape, businesses require flexibility and options when it comes to their cloud services. That’s where Devotel CloudNet Service shines. It’s your key to unlocking the true potential of multi-cloud utilization.

    Why Choose Devotel CloudNet Service?

    Streamline Your Cloud Experience

    Traditional multi-cloud adoption can be a complex web of agreements, networks, and resources, each with its own unique challenges. But with Devotel, you can simplify your journey into the multi-cloud world.

    Say goodbye to dealing with multiple parties. Devotel becomes your single point of contact for any issues or inquiries, making your cloud experience more seamless and efficient.

    You don’t have to be in the same datacenter as your connection provider. Thanks to our cutting-edge Software Defined Technology, you can connect to the clouds from wherever you are, without limitations.

    Advanced networking configurations are a thing of the past. Devotel handles the design and configuration of your connections from start to finish, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

    Devotel CloudNet Service in a Nutshell:

    Our service offers full redundancy, allowing you to tap into a variety of resources across different cloud infrastructures. This means ultimate reliability for your cloud operations.

    We’ve established connections to over 50 leading cloud providers, giving you an extensive ecosystem to choose from. The cloud world is your oyster!

    Embrace the Future of Cloud Connectivity

    Devotel CloudNet Service empowers you to break free from the constraints of a single cloud provider. With us, you can seamlessly integrate services from AWS S3, Azure, Google Cloud, and many more, all under one roof. The multi-cloud future is here, and it’s beautiful.

    Get Started Today

    Ready to experience the next level of cloud connectivity? Join us at Devotel and revolutionize your multi-cloud journey. Say goodbye to the limitations of a single provider and embrace a world of possibilities with Devotel CloudNet Service.

    P2P Anywhere: Revolutionizing Connectivity

    Are you facing the challenges of high bandwidth costs, lengthy waiting lists, or the complexity of dealing with multiple carriers? At P2P Anywhere, we have the solution.

    Introducing the World’s First High-Throughput Point-To-Point Connections via the Internet

    Imagine having the power to transport your data traffic anywhere in the world without the hassles you’ve experienced before. P2P Anywhere brings you a cutting-edge solution for your IT business needs.

    • No More Astronomical Line Costs: Say goodbye to high line costs that burden your budget.
    • No More Long Waiting Times: Instantly establish connections, saving valuable time.
    • High Traffic Capacity: Transport substantial volumes of data with ease.
    • L3 Private & Secure Connectivity: Ensure your data’s privacy and security.
    • Direct Connection to 6 CPSs: Establish robust connections for your business.
    • 45+ Cloud On-Ramps: Access the cloud effortlessly.
    • Scalable 10G Bandwidth: Adapt to your business’s growth.
    • 260 Interconnect Data Centers: Connect globally.
    • MEF-Certified Carrier-Grade Network: Rely on a network that meets the highest standards.
    • Scalable 100G Bandwidth: Prepare for the future.
    • Global Network Coverage: Seamlessly connect your branch offices, on-premise data centers, and partner locations around the world.
    • End-to-End Solution: From network design to managing complex last-mile deployments, Devotel ensures peak WAN estate performance.
    • Efficiency Through Centralization: Consolidate your network management and focus on core business activities.
    • WAN Optimization: Enhance data transfer speeds, responsiveness, and productivity.
    • Global Reach: Expand your business reach to key locations worldwide.
    • Scalable, Private, and Secure L3 Connectivity: Connect with confidence.
    • Managed Any-to-Any L3 Connections: Benefit from seamless connections through Devotel’s Private Network.
    • Global Data Centers and Connectivity Hubs: Access an extensive partner community.
    • Partner Community: Join a diverse network of providers, clouds, and content providers.

    With 500 local providers and Ethernet solutions, P2P Anywhere is your partner for next-level connectivity. Join us in revolutionizing the way you connect with the world.

    Easy Peering

    Unlock Global Opportunities with Devotel:

    Seamless Access to Internet Exchanges

    Devotel offers you on-demand access to internet exchange points through our expansive global network fabric. Connect to the heart of the digital world effortlessly.

    Our network interconnects with the world’s most popular internet exchange points, handling over 50% of global internet traffic. Your business enjoys uninterrupted access to the digital economy.

    Devotel takes the hassle out of accessing internet exchange points around the globe. Our extensive network fabric bridges your business to major exchange points, ensuring swift and reliable global data transfer—all under one roof.

    Devotel’s network provides your business with direct access to the global internet landscape. Experience scalability, low latency, and access to a wide array of online services.

    • Access to 20+ Internet Exchange Points: Gain direct access to over 20 internet exchange points for enhanced connectivity.
    • Scalable Bandwidth up to 100G: Scale your network’s bandwidth to meet your specific requirements, with capabilities of up to 100G.
    • Effortless Peering for MultiClouds: Simplify your peering process with secure, express, and straightforward connections. No need for complex BGP configurations. Our services come with a reliable 99.8% SLA.
    • Choose Your Ideal Peering Option:
      • Easy Peering Basic: Experience Internet + IPSEC VPN + Devotel Gateways for secure connections.
      • Easy Peering Smart Basic: Combine Internet + SD-WAN + Devotel Gateways for a more intelligent network solution.
      • Easy Peering Premium: Enjoy MPLS + Devotel Gateways for top-tier performance and reliability.
      • Easy Peering Smart Premium: Harness the power of MPLS + SD-WAN + Devotel Gateways for a smart and premium network experience.

    Discover the possibilities with Easy Peering – bringing IT solutions and ideas to life.

    Interested in direct peering connections to other networks, including CDNs, ISPs, social media providers, and enterprises? We offer the most advanced and flexible peering platform to expand your global reach.

    Elevate your business with Devotel – where connectivity meets opportunity.

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    Cloud Providers

    We’ve designed our service to isolate your traffic from the internet, ensuring unwavering reliability, top-notch security, and impressive performance.

    With robust and redundant connections to more than 50 leading cloud providers, accessing your cloud resources is as simple as 1-2-3. Our professional engineering team is here to ensure a seamless experience.

    +50 Cloud Providers

    With robust and redundant connections to more than 50 leading cloud providers, accessing your cloud resources is as simple as 1-2-3. Our professional engineering team is here to ensure a seamless experience.




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