Real Estate

Empower Your Real Estate Ventures with DevoTel.

Connect with potential buyers, automate property alerts, and provide seamless agent-client communication.

Property Alerts

Timely notifying potential buyers or renters about relevant properties.

Agent-Client Coordination

Maintaining seamless communication for viewings, negotiations, and transactions.

Document & Update Sharing

Ensuring clients are instantly informed about property status, offers, or paperwork.

Open House & Event Notifications

Alerting potential buyers about open houses or property showcases.

Increased Engagement

By keeping potential buyers/renters continuously informed, increase the chance of conversions.

Real-time Deal Progress

Keep all parties instantly updated on transaction stages, minimizing uncertainties.

Streamlined Operations

Boost efficiency with seamless agent-client communication and automated property matching.

Maximized Event Turnouts

Ensure high attendance for property events through timely reminders and updates.

DevoTel Solutions:

Targeted Property Notifications

Automated alerts for clients based on their property preferences, ensuring they never miss an opportunity.

Real-time Transaction Updates

Instant notifications on offer statuses, transaction updates, and document verifications.

Agent-Client Chat Platform

Dedicated channels for agents and clients to discuss, negotiate, and coordinate without any communication barriers.

Event Notification System

Automated reminders about upcoming open houses, property showcases, or other relevant events.