Hospitality & Healthcare

Elevate Guest Communication with DevoTel

Craft memorable guest experiences with timely communications, personalized alerts, and instant feedback loops

Instant Guest Requests

Addressing guests' on-the-spot needs and services.

Reservation and Check-in/out Alerts

Keeping guests informed about booking statuses.

Real-time Feedback Collection

Ensuring guests can share their experience promptly.

Event and Service Promotions

Informing guests of special events, promotions, or available services.

Guest Satisfaction

: Through timely and clear communications, ensuring every guest feels attended to.

Boosted Engagement

By keeping guests informed of services and events, ensuring maximum utilization.

Streamlined Operations

Efficient coordination between front desk, housekeeping, F&B, and other departments.

Valuable Insights

Through instant feedback, continuously improve guest experiences.

DevoTel Solutions:

Guest Service Notifications

Immediately alert guests about room readiness, checkout timings, or other service-related matters.

Feedback Automation

Instant prompts post-stay, requesting guests to rate and review their experience.

Reservation System Integration

Seamlessly integrated alerts for booking confirmations, cancellations, or modifications.

Event and Promotion Alerts

Automated yet personalized notifications about ongoing or upcoming hotel events, spa services, dining specials, etc.