Push Notifications

Engage Users Instantly with DevoTel Push Notifications

Deliver timely and relevant messages directly to your users' devices.

Real-time Alerts

Notify users instantly, ensuring they never miss an update.


Target specific user groups for more personalized communication.

Interactive Notifications

Embed images, videos, or actionable buttons for enriched user experiences.

Opt-in/Opt-out Management

Give users control over their preferences, ensuring GDPR compliance.

Performance Analytics

Analyze click-through rates, engagement levels, and optimize for better results.

Immediate Engagement

Interact with users the moment you have something to share.

Targeted Communication

Ensure each message is relevant, increasing user responsiveness.

Higher Retention

Re-engage inactive users and boost app or website revisits.

Brand Visibility

Stay on top of users' minds with regular, yet non-intrusive notifications.

DevoTel's Push Notifications Platform

Breaking News Alerts

Instantly inform users about significant news events, ensuring they’re always in the loop.

E-commerce Flash Sales

Notify customers about limited-time discounts, promoting immediate visits and purchases.

App Feature Announcements

Introduce users to new features or updates, encouraging exploration and interaction.

Appointment Reminders

Send timely reminders for scheduled appointments or events.

Loyalty Program Rewards

Update loyal customers about their rewards or points, motivating them to make more purchases or actions.

Game Progress or Challenges

Engage gaming app users by updating them on their progress, challenges, or special events.

Feedback and Surveys

Request users to provide feedback or participate in surveys to improve services or features.

Order Status and Delivery Updates

Keep customers informed about their order journey, from processing to delivery.

Re-engagement Notifications

Target inactive users, reminding them of what they’re missing or offering incentives to return.

Location-based Offers

Send tailored offers or information based on a user’s current location.